Young Families

FOL Young Families

This group exists to create a community for young couples to meet, pray for, live life with, and encourage each other.

Our mission for these married couples is to have a fellowship with each other and to gain knowledge from couples who have experience in their marriage. Strengthening young couples relationship with Christ through fellowship during the formative years of the family can be really helpful and be a huge blessing. We spend time focusing on understanding the Bible and how it impacts our walk with Christ.

We currently have 3 groups and we gather occasionally for our meetings.

Every Quarter 2nd Sunday of the month Couples lead the whole Sunday service.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month one of the groups is in charge of the Sunday program.

Ministry Contact

Dima Kuzmenko (503) 701-2222
Oleg Volkov (360) 949-0078
Ilya Kuzmenko (360) 907-0469


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